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Our Services

We provide VPN and Proxy services in the Nordic countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Unlike the average VPN providers, who try to put servers in as many countries as possible, 1-2 servers in each country and don’t really care about the performance of the servers, we concentrate on just the Nordic countries, with multiple high-performance servers in each country. Currently we have about 40 servers in total, in 4 countries – to compare with other providers who might have the same number of servers, but in 40 countries.
It’s all of course up to you what you think is best for you. Access to many countries, or high-performance and high-availability access to those specific four countries only.
If you need high bandwidth and virtual presence in a Nordic country, then NordicVPN is the obvious choice!



Leter du etter VPN og / eller Proxy i de nordiske landene? Jakten er over – NordicVPN er her! Kringgå Geoblockeringar, stor båndbredde, stort antall servere i Norge, Danmark, Sverige og Finland! De beste norske VPN- og Proxy-serverne du finner! De bedste danske VPN- og Proxy-servere kan du finde!


Etsitkö VPN- ja / tai Välityspalvelin-pääsyä Pohjoismaissa? Älä etsi enää – NordicVPN on täällä! Simuloida paikallista läsnäoloa tai ohitusmoboblockia, suuri kaistanleveys, valtava määrä palvelimia Suomessa, Ruotsissa, Norjassa, ja Tanskassa! Paras suomalainen VPN ja suomalainen välityspalvelin löytyy!


Letar du efter VPN och / eller proxy i de nordiska länderna? Sökandet är slut – NordicVPN är här! Kringgå Geoblockeringar, stor bandbredd, stort antal servrar i Sverige, Norge, Danmark och Finland! Svensk VPN och Svensk Proxy när den är som bäst!


Nordic VPN is brought to you by Nasca Communications, Ltd.

We are a bunch of System- and Network Engineers, and general Computer Geeks, who all are originally from Nordic countries, but now are scattered over a number of countries both within Europe and elsewhere.
The idea of Nordic VPN sprung from our own needs, where we found the existing VPN services often dismally inadequate for our needs.


To contact us, please submit a Support Ticket.

Daytime 10-22 (Central European Time) we normally respond within 1-2 hours. Other times, we respond the next morning.